My Story

Untitled photo

When I was 13 years old, I received a Pentax SLR camera for my birthday, and my love of photography really began. I spent all summer taking black and white pictures of people, places and things. Soon after that summer I set up a darkroom under the stairs at my parent's home in Barrington, Illinois. There I was able to bring my art to life. During my high school years, I continued to study photography and experimented with all kinds of lighting techniques, from strobe light in complete darkness to filtered sunshine on the forest. Each and every experiment yielded a very unique image. I attended Columbia College in Chicago, Illinois, where I studied television production and minored in photography. My photo assignments encouraged me to explore Chicago and its many beautiful characters. Click after click I captured the emotions and beauty of its people, buildings and green space. This is when the artist in me was truly awakened. Today, many, many years later, after retiring from the hustle and bustle of the business world, my love of photography and creating art has been re-born. My camera and I have been busy capturing the, beauty and splendor of Chicago's Architecture. Although my new digital darkroom is no longer under the stairs, it’s where I continue to bring my art to life. I am an artist, who captures images with a unique perspective.

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